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Just to add to this...
  • Be Courteous AND Be Predictable. In other words, don't let your pets poo on the trail, AND don't let them run on a 25 foot leash all over the trail while another skater is flying down a hill getting ready to cross your pet's path. Thanks!
  • Being predictable ALSO means being predictable when in a pace line, if you want someone else to lead for a while, simply move off to one side and wave the people behind you up to you. Coast for a second or two to let them get in front of you and then ease back into the pack.
  • If you would like to pace with another skater that you happen to be matching speeds with on the trail, then most people don't mind if you fall into line behind them, however it IS customary to skate up next to them if they are a stranger and ask "Can I pace with you today?" if they are a stranger. And try not to tap them on the back BEFORE skating up next to them, otherwise you might startle someone with earphones and cause a fall. Always make sure the person sees you before making contact.
  • Be forewarned that most successful pacing requires occasional body contact. If you coast up too close and want to keep a safe distance, it is customary to place your hand on the lower back (just above the butt... not on the cheeks) and put gentle pressure FORWARD. Do NOT put any pressure sideways lest you knock the person down and then run over them yourself.
  • If you are pacing and you are coming up too fast for a gentle push on the lower back, then PASS. Don't cause accidents.
  • Don't Block The Trail.
  • Keep Right, Pass On The Left. Obey All Traffic Signs And Signals. Use Lights At Night. Don't Use A Trail Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs. (It’s no different than the road people.)
  • Don’t stop right in front of someone, and move off trail if you are stopping for a long time.
  • Be careful of blind corners!!! If you are flying around a corner and can't see if someone is on the other side, yell "SKATER" or some such JUST in case there happens to be a biker coming down the other way with another biker passing them taking up the whole trail. We'd like to think this doesn't happen... but it does. Be careful lovelies.
  • Give Audible Warning BEFORE Passing. Acceptable terms can be “PASSING!!”, “SKATER!”, “ON YOUR LEFT!”, “COMING THROUGH!!”, “LOOK OUT!!”, “HERE I COME!!!”. Some people just clap their hands a lot. Something else that might work, but is to simply scream “OH SH**!!!!”  Yes, It might be bad manners, however sometimes you can’t help it.
  • Be Respectful Of Private Property.
  • Clean Up Litter. Leave it the same way as you found it, even if that means shoving that smashed up plastic water bottle down your spandex. Sexy. :-)
Many thanks to Harold for all his wonderful information that he has shared over the years!!!
One important point to make... remember that your rink owners work hard to keep that floor pretty and shiny for as long as possible. It is NOT cheap to resurface that sucker, so DO NOT wear worn through toe stops or plastic heel brakes in the rinks (big no-nos!), and PLEASE make sure you are not taking nasty outdoor wheels into the rink with debris stuck in the wheels. (And throw out the gum before you go on the floor... we all know you are trying to hide it in your cheek, but sometimes stuff just happens and no one wants that on their wheels. ) Don't forget to curb your cell phone. If you have to keep it in your pocket, then stop skate to the side of the rink and stop before checking your messages. Thanks!