TOM SOMMERS is the inspiration for the Park 'n Roll and the 'Get Back Up' award that is given every year. He was a coach and skater from Northeast Ohio, who passed away on Sept 30th, 2011, and Father/Grandfather to a long family history of roller skaters. Thank you for helping us to honor his memory. <3

To best memorialize a skater that you know, we found the "In Memory of our USARS Loved Ones" Facebook page. That page is much more well maintained and so I have moved any memorials here to that page. Feel free to post information of loved ones out there! We treasure all those skaters who made their impact in roller skating over the years, and hope that Portage Skates and the Park 'n Roll Festival honor them in the tradition of sharing the love of skating with others.

If you're wondering where to get your own copy of "The Tommy Chronicles", you can order a copy on amazon.
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