Eventbrite - Park N Roll Festival 2013

Park n’ Roll Cookie Bake-off

The Cookie Bake off is being held in conjunction with the Park n’ Roll skating race to encourage wellness, fitness and nutrition in Portage County and surrounding areas.


This is going to be a lot of fun, and we want everyone to come and enjoy all the fun tastes that you have to offer! Although we want to focus on the fun, unfortunately we have to make sure we remind everyone of a few rules and requests to ensure that the judging is fair and efficient.



Ingredient list (just those that may affect allergies) MUST be emailed to soon. If you are willing to share your recipes, it would be appreciated so we can collect them for a recipe book. I would like to have them by the week before the festival. Simple text is best, as some formatting might not copy and paste well. Don’t forget to tell me whether you are entering the "Healthy Cookie" or "Reward Cookie" category.


We WILL be taking pictures of every cookie tray for the recipe book. (Recipes are always more fun when you know what your food will look like.) Also, if you win, we would like your picture as well (optional).


Please try to make a double batch, and make smaller cookies so that there are lots of bite-sizes for tasting. (Voting is done by the public, not judges!)


Speed Revolution cookie
YES, you CAN bake more than one recipe and enter it. Enter as many times as you like! Don’t forget to tell your friends about it, too!
And YES – you CAN bake them and drop them off. You do not have to be present to participate. Awards can be picked up at a later time after you have been notified (by email, text or phone).


Below are updated guidelines for the Bake-Off. If you have ANY questions at ALL, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Thank you for participating! We are so excited to see your tasty results!

Misty Sommers



1.    HOMEMADE - All cookies must be homemade but it is not necessary that the participant develop the recipe. Please make sure you cite the complete source of the recipe if it is not your own.

2.    ANY STYLE - Cookies may be any shape or type (drop, bar, rolled, no-bake, etc.). There will be TWO categories cookies may be entered into. Healthy, and "Reward" (indulgent, NOT healthy lol) cookies.  If you are entering the same cookie into more than one category, you do not need to do extra registrations, but you will need to supply the appropriate amount of cookies for each division.

3.    HOW MANY - Furnish approx 50 cookies (per division) for public tasting. Please bring them to the Cookie Bake-Off area on plate(s)/platter(s) that you will not need to have returned and provide adequate covering (clear wrap is preferable for viewing). Upon arrival to the registration area, an anonymous label with your entry number will be attached for unbiased judging.

4.    TYPE RECIPE - You MUST provide a separate sheet with a list of ingredients to display. (For allergy purposes.) If possible, please submit the ingredients/recipe as well to so that we can use it for a yearly cook book. If you cannot email, please contact Misty for other arrangements at 330-715-6177.

5.    RECIPE USAGE – A recipe book will be created from all recipes submitted and posted online. Please note: We reserve the right to use your recipe, with the source noted, at the committee’s discretion for recipe book sales and future, charitable activities IF you choose to submit it.

6.    REGISTER - How to register: we would appreciate it if you would register online using the eventbrite link so that we can contact all participants before the event, and also to contact you for prizes. This also allows us to know how many tables we need to provide. However, you can also register in person the morning of the event.

7.    AWARDS - Ribbons and/or certificates will be awarded to the top three contestants in each Bake-Off category. If applicable, we will also present awards for Best Vegan cookie and Best Gluten-free cookie. Possible sponsor prizes may be available as well.

9.   All cookies submitted will be used for public sampling. Extra cookies are welcomed to help support the event. Any cookies leftover from the event will be donated to the Kent Food Bank the next business day. (They will be frozen immediately following the event.)



Healthy Cookie

Athletes consume a special diet before and during training which encourages long term energy (vs. short term energy spikes, followed by a ‘crash’.) Typical energy foods are pastas, bananas, high carbohydrate foods, fruits and vegetables. Another focus of the pre-workout meal is to balance the proper nutrients and vitamins to help prevent muscle cramping and aid fat burning. It is usually consumed about an hour before a workout to help give the body energy to last through the workout, but is useful DURING workouts as well, especially for those with blood sugar problems. (Potassium and Calcium rich foods aid in cramp prevention/relief)

After a workout, it is important to replace nutrients lost during a workout, as well as leveling out insulin levels and providing protein to hungry muscles. Free radicals can also be built up and cause damage at this critical time, so anti-oxidants are beneficial as well as high protein foods like soy, nuts and peanut butter. Portability is best for this type of cookie, as it will be taken with someone to their workout or on the trail to ensure quick restoration of nutrition to the body. Especially since many sources say that protein should be consumed within an hour of a workout to replenish muscles.


The Reward Cookie

Everyone needs a reward for their hard work! Even the most serious athletes like to reward themselves with a bit of decadence from time to time. Following the concept of “Everything in moderation”, a small cookie to satisfy the cravings is a great way to reward oneself for a hard week’s training and health conscious dieting. Decadence is perfectly acceptable for this category. Even though you are making small bite sized cookies, we still say 'go big or go home'!



1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category

Best Vegan cookie

Best Gluten-free cookie



1)      TASTE – Is it appealing to the taste buds?

2)      APPEARANCE – Is it pretty? Or Is it unique?

3)      PORTABILITY – Is it easy to throw in a baggy and take on the trail with you? Will it spoil?

4)      SUITABLE FOR THE CATEGORY – does it fit the category concept?

5)      CREATIVITY – how unique is it? Is there anything about it that is ‘outside the box’?

6)      REPLICABILITY – can the recipe be followed easily?


SCHEDULE: (tentative)

8:00 – Registration sign in begins at Park 'n Roll.

12:00 – all votes must be submitted. Judging finalized and results calculated. Awards placed on cookies as soon as calculated.


*For those who prefer not to use an automated site, you may also send an email directly to and we will send you an email form you can fill in. If you would prefer to mail a handwritten form, please feel free to call 330-715-6177 for a mailing address.