FULL MARATHON DISTANCE (26.2mi) (after all, it's the longest distance for the longest year)
REGISTER: by Dec 20th, 2020
LOCATION: Various rinks or location you choose (see registration)
WHEN TO SKATE: Complete at your own pace, submit "Finisher form" to get your medal!
If you have trouble registering, contact misty at for help.
WHEN YOU FINISH: After completing your marathon, complete this form to receive your finisher medal.

Welcome to the official signup page for the 2020 Park 'n Roll, The 10th annual Park 'n Roll!

I think we can all agree that this has felt like the longest year EVER. So many events were cancelled and we are all feeling sad about not being able to meet up this fall. However, we aren't going to give up! So we wanted to keep giving you a reason to roll them wheels for the 10 year anniversary.

The logo for the shirts has been designed by Shirley Sommers' grandaughter, V. Alex O’Connell Collins, in honor of Shirley's contribution to skating. She lost her battle with Alzheimer's in 2019, so I wanted to raise awareness for Alzheimer's with the 10th Park 'n Roll, but with the limitations we've had due to Covid-19 breakouts this year that wasn't possible. Since we missed the "Longest Day" event for the Alzheimer's Association, I'm naming this year's Park 'n Roll "THE LONGEST YEAR." The purple elephant represents that we will always remember for those who cannot, and the position of it falling reminds us that we all fall sometimes, but we are gonna keep going, and keep skating, and persist through these tough times. AND... a full marathon because it's been a long *** year!!!

When signing up on the form, you will choose from a handful of Ohio roller rinks that have agreed to work with us in helping you complete your laps. By choosing one of the rinks, your registration money (minus shirt and medal cost) will be given to that rink to help support them during these trying times. Just pick up your shirt at that location, and you can skate your laps during any open session available or wherever you can. (Registration does not include cost of session.)

***BONUS: If you would like to SPONSOR a rink, and allow skaters to complete their marathon in one day, you can reserve the rink just like reserving for a birthday party. Then any skater who has registered for the Park 'n Roll can show up during that "Birthday Party" time and skate their laps for free. If you would like to sponsor a rink, simply check that option on the form and the rink will contact you to arrange the date and reservation.

1) Complete Registration form
2) Pay registration fee of $40
3) Once we announce that shirts have been delivered to rinks, you can pick up your shirt at roller rink of choice. (If you need your shirt mailed, please add $5 for shipping, thank you.)
4) Begin skating your laps right away! We will include a grid on the back of your Park 'n Roll shirt so that you can check off every ten laps with a sharpie. When you reach the total number, take a picture of the back of your shirt and submit it to the "PNR 2020 Completion form". (Make sure mailing info is accurate!)
5) Your finisher's medal will be mailed to you after you complete the finisher's form.
6) Take a pic with your shirt and medal and show it off to others! Let's help promote healthy exercising and roller skating to the world! Use #parknroll2020 and #thelongestyear hashtags.

Note: we have 30 leftover Park 'n Roll hand towels that can be purchased for an additional $3. Just check the box at the end of the registration form and add $3 to your payment and we will include it with your tshirt! Great for cleaning wheels! Once stock is gone, we will remove the option from this order form.


  • How do I know how many laps to skate?
    • The number of laps for each rink is listed on the form, which you will get a copy of in your email. If you skate somewhere on your own, you can use google maps or another GPS app to help you determine how far you need to skate to get 26.2 miles.
  • How do I know the number of laps if I skate at a different rink?
    • It shouldn't be difficult for the rink owner/operator to help you calculate the number of laps based off of the track length at that rink. Do your best to figure it out, then just start skating! We trust you. (42165meters = 26.2 miles, so if you find out how many meters their skating track is, you can calculate it.)
  • How do I keep track of that many laps?
    • That is what the shirt is for! The BACK of the shirt will have a grid where you can check off a box for every ten laps that you skate. The rink owners should have a sharpie that they can use to check a box, or bring one with you just in case. For every ten laps that you skate, take a break and skate off the floor and have someone check off one of the boxes on your shirt. Take a sip of water and then get back out there! (Check marks, the number 10, do whatever you want to track it on your shirt!) Once you fill up your shirt with marks, take a pic and post it! Then fill out the finisher's form to let us know it's time to mail your medal!
  • I want to support a rink through this event also, how can I get a rink added to the registration?
    • TELL US! Email or message Misty Sommers on Facebook to see about getting a rink added to the list. We would love to help you save another rink! Looking to do this OUTSIDE of Ohio? Tell Misty. She can help you set up a form for another state and send you the graphics so you can arrange the same thing in your area.
  • How can I sponsor a rink? I'd like to help out by reserving special time outside of open session for just the marathon.
    • When you fill out the registration form, choose a rink to sponsor and we will get you connected with the owners to reserve a date of your choice! Additionally, we will create an event page on Facebook for that date for you to share and invite friends. If you are a business, we will use your business logo on the event page to show that you are sponsoring that event and you are welcome to bring marketing swag to the event to hand out! (Please note: sponsoring can be done by a group or team as well. Just use the registration page to get it started or contact
  • How do I get a medal?
    • Once you finish your laps, go to this form and submit a picture of your laps checked off, or a screenshot of the course map (google maps, GPS tracker, etc) that you skated if it was outdoors.
  • What if I can't pick up my shirt at the rink?
    • That's okay too! We can mail it to you. We do ask that you add $5 to your registration fee to help pay for shipping, though.
  • How soon can I get my shirt and start skating?
    • We are putting in our order for shirts on December 20th, 2020. As soon as we have the shirt count, our supplier will be able to provide shirts within a week and we are hoping to announce shirt delivery by Dec 28th. Use all the time that you need in 2021 to complete your marathon. If you have a large group that plans to sign up together, email right away so that she can work with the shirt supplier to stock enough supplies for a secondary registration deadline (if we receive enough interest).
  • Why does it cost $40 if it's virtual? Shouldn't it be cheaper?
    • This year has been devastating to roller rinks and small business across the US and the world. We knew that doing the marathon in person might be impossible, and in the past we have never made a profit. To try to make things as easy as possible, with the lowest possible costs, we are using a local shirt printing company and local rinks to make enough profit to give back to our community. We are focusing on rinks in Portage County as well as other rinks that have had partnerships with Portage Skates in the past. Our hope is to get 50 skaters to sign up to skate at each rink so that we can give back enough money to the rinks to save them from closing until more assistance is available. Encouraging skaters to use the rinks supports businesses and reminds us all that roller skating is one of the best, and cheapest, forms of exercise out there!
  • What is the registration fee used for?
    • Costs for the virtual marathon include the tshirt, medal, and shipping costs. Shirts will be packed and delivered personally to rinks by Misty Sommers and other Portage Skates representatives at their cost (gas money). All fees collected beyond that go directly to the rink chosen on registration.
  • Does it matter what skates I use?
    • Nope. We love all skates!
  • Are you doing first second and third place this year?
    • No, unfortunately that wouldn't be fair. We can't guarantee that everyone will be skating under the same conditions, so we opted for a full marathon and finisher medals instead. If you think a skater deserves an award though, you might be interested in the "GET BACK UP AWARD".
  • I really miss the in person event - Is the DJ going to play music for me still?
    • YES!!! Our favorite DJs, 3 Guys Productions, will be making a Spotify playlist for you! We will be posting the link and scan code for you on Facebook.
  • Do I have to skate the full distance?
    • Well, yeah. That's the point. But don't get discouraged. Take your time and break it up into sections over many days. There's no deadline to finish, although we prefer people finish before May 1, 2021 so that we can wrap up all the shipping in a timely manner. We know this has been a LONG year, but this is going to be a long skate and will give you time to reflect on all the things that you're thankful for in your life! Enjoy some music, take some deep breaths, and let the stress roll off.

And don't forget to show your "Cookie-Skate" pride with our skinsuit and jerseys!!
Look for this item on the registration page to put in your order today! (sizing chart)
Skinsuits are $75 and Jerseys are $55.
Thank you PyroApparel!!
(Contact PyroApparel for ordering details)

RECIPE BOOK 2011A pdf collection of cookie recipes from the 1st Park 'n Roll cookie bake off
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Also known as the "cookie skate", as referred to on the USARS Speed Skating 2014 National webcast! Many thanks to for the shout out! Thanks Ross!

Be sure to grab your copy of "The Tommy Chronicles" featuring some skating stories told by Tommy Sommers. Check the index to see if there is a story about someone you know!

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