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For those wanting to volunteer for the Park n' Roll, please email Misty directly at for details. At least 13 people are needed to make the event safe and successful. The following areas underlined below need volunteers:
Morning Setup and Layout:
Cookie Bake Off Coordinator:
Cookie Bake off - Cookie servers:
Manning the cookie tent and assisting guests with getting cookies from trays, and making sure everyone takes only one at a time from each tray. Also handing out ziploc baggies as people enter the tent.
Cookie Bake off - Helping to check in cookie trays and displaying them in an eye pleasing way in the cookie tent.
Cookie Bake off - judging:  TBD, TBD, TBD  completing judging sheets
Cookie Bake off - scoring: entering scores and tallying scores for awards. Distributing awards to cookies.
Skate Challenge Registration:  Helping to hand out registration packets and numbers to incoming skaters and answering questions.
Skate Challenge - trail marking:  
Skate Challenge - Water stations:
ELEVEN PEOPLE NEEDED!!! We simple need people to monitor checkpoints. Only two will have water coolers. Volunteers will return to the stadium after they have counted all skaters past. These volunteers will double as volunteer in other areas later in the day.
Skate Challenge - finish line: FOUR NEEDED!!! To assist with timing system and medals/trophies to be handed out, and encourage skaters to stay for the exhibitions.
Exhibitions - coordinator: someone to help keep track of exhibition schedules and notify DJ of when to announce exhibitions. Also assist in wardrobe changes (artistic skaters) or run errands for exhibition volunteers.
Photo Contest - set up and judging: Make sure all posters are logged in and set up on tripods in visible area (on tables) with voting boxes. Tallying of judging boxes, counting votes, and notification of winner to DJ at 1:00. Assisting in awarding of trophy to winning school group. Also handles program sales and commemorative print sales.
Photographer - documentation:
documenting all major events, such as start of Skate Challenge, awarding trophies, cookies (for recipe book), exhibitions, posters, and winning poster school group.
Rink - floor guard/manager: Someone willing to monitor 'rink' during the time between exhibitions. Must be able to skate and have own skates.
Shut down: Anyone! helping to collect all leftover cookies (should there be any) for donation to the food bank, and clearing tables of empty trays and tablecloths.