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The roller derby league, Ohio Valley Roller Girls, is participating in the Pittsburgh Lupus Loop this year. Their leaguemate, Demolition Mortician, has lupus and we're all trying to raise as much money as possible to show how much we support her and her struggle to beat this disease and continue to play derby.

Morty's getting a little discouraged because she is having trouble meeting her fundraising goal. She's like, "I actually HAVE lupus, why are these other women raising so much more money than me?" I agree. She's such an inspiration, she should be raking in the cash.

So I was wondering if any of you guys here would be so kind as to donate a couple bucks online? The donations go to the Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania, which does educational programs, screenings, and support groups for people with lupus all across the state.

Demolition Mortician's FirstGiving page: 


Announcing a breakthrough in medical preparedness

posted Aug 24, 2011, 12:23 PM by Portage Skates   [ updated Aug 24, 2011, 12:45 PM ]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Announcing a breakthrough in medical preparedness
 Your health and safety is always a primary concern at Portage Skates. That’s why we’re
excited to announce a new partnership with FinishSafe™.
FinishSafe™ makes medical information instantly available anywhere. If you’re
injured during the Park 'n Roll, or any of our skating adventures, medics will be able to
access critical information like which medications you take, any allergies you have,
pre-existing conditions they need to be aware of, and even how to contact loved ones.

FinishSafe™ makes all of this information and more available to medical personnel
via phone, Internet, smartphone app, or cell phone text-back. So medics can choose the
method that’s most convenient for them—on the field, in a medical tent or ambulance,
even in the hospital.

Best of all, FinishSafe™ is a free service with no annual fees of any kind.

Additional information will follow shortly, including how to take advantage of this new
Portage Skates benefit before the event and also at Registration. We are proud that over the
years we’ve been able to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for our participants. And
we’re even prouder to be offering this exciting new way to enhance the health and safety
of everyone.

To sign up for FinishSafe™ today, click here.

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