Portage Skates is a non-profit sports organization dedicated to furthering roller sports in all forms and creating a healthier and happier Portage County. We are based in Kent, Ohio, USA (Portage County). Events sponsored by "Portage Skates" are usually held to help raise funds for the Portage County Park Foundation to help aid Portage County in maintaining our bike and hike trails, to make it a safer county for roller sport enthusiasts. Ohio contains the largest number of roller rinks of all the US States and we plan to help encourage skaters in Ohio to get out there and get the sport in the eyes of the community, make a skatement, and start a new skating revolution! We will soon tell you more about the officers in our group, but in the meantime, just know that anyone involved in this website is a roller-skater-for-life, rink-rat, or skater-lover, and we love the sport. We also love exercise and having fun, and when the rinks aren't open, we like to find other ways to roll together. We hope you'll roll with us, too!

If you have any questions about roller skating, Portage Skates, or the Park 'n Roll Festival, you can call Misty at 330-715-6177. You can also
EMAIL MISTY: misty@portageskates.info
EMAIL RACHEL: rachel@portageskates.info
EMAIL YOUR RINK INFO TO BE POSTED: skatetheworld@portageskates.info
Misty Sommers
Founder/Overseer for the Park 'n Roll

Marketing Coordinator
Rachel Adkins
PnR Course Committee
Design Coordinator for the Park 'n Roll

"Tommy Sommers Foundation" Representative

Shirley Sommers
Scholarship Board Representative

If you would like to be on the committee for the 2014 Park 'n Roll Festival, please email Misty or Rachel asap!
Jason Dlugokecki
Daniel Colbetzor
Glenn Colbetzor
Bev Colbetzor
Juli Little
Shawna Strautnieks

We would like to take take time to honor all of our volunteers who have helped us, past and present! Thank you for all you have done for us!
Barby Bretti
Bev Colbetzor
Bryan Colbetzor
Chad Harris
Corissa Bretti
Glenn Colbetzor
Greg Adkins
Hayley Elrod
Hunter Harris
Jason Dlugokecki
Jayme Neading
Leslie Treharn
Michael Tackett Jr
Mike Tackett Sr
Mike Treharn
Nate Adams
Patrick Murphy
Paul Perchinske
Penni Kruger – Nurse
Ron Bretti
Susie Perchinske
Val Adkins